Interview with Bernd Volkert

Certainly one has also to be watchful with people calling themselves communist or anarchist and, to be on the safe side, always suppose that they do a lot of nonsense. However, to get back to the topic, communist literature always was better than left literature, so to say Goethe better than Grass. The interview was…

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SI interview with Alex Smoke

We  proudly present our first interview of the year, featuring the well-known great artist Alex Smoke. SI:  Can you introduce yourself and your artistic background please. AS: I started out listening to techno and hip hop in the mid 90s, and just developed a total passion for it. Most of my early exposure was through…

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Kamistry Profile Shot bw

Interview with Kamistry no1

You probably remember a free release on SI few days ago by Kamistry no1 . The following interview is a first attempt to get a bit closer to the underground drum n bass/jungle scene in the UK. Kamistry no1 comes from Manchester, a city with an absolutely interesting music scene and long history. SI: Could…

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interview with Michael Banel/ Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga Records)

Michael Abel-Larsen, from Copenhagen, Denmark is known to the world as Dj Banel, and Behind Blue Eyes. Apart from being a dj and musician himself, he is also the founder of the label Iboga Records ( ) * * 1)Hello Michael, for those who may not know you yet, please tell us about yourself and your artistic…

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