NOTHING TO HIDE: a film about surveillance and you

  “Nothing to Hide” is a film started by Marc in April 2015 with a journalist colleague of him, Mihaela. At that time They were working on different digital related issues (Marc for instance was focusing on the economical issues of Big Data, Mihaela more on privacy). They started attending more conferences (CPDP, re:publica, CCC..)…

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van eyck

The Art Historian of Post-Modern Life

Dean Kissik writes for the Spike magazine about politicans and other non-artists as artists or about the dynamics that unfold once you start thinking about non-artists as artists.¹ Here are two quotes from the text and a shituationist reply. Glenn Beck, practises something similar and has very often been described as a “performance artist” himself.…

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From Tiqqun to the Young Girl Reading Group. A shituationist art world oracle, including: Kony, De Kooning,, DIS Magazine, Claire Fontaine, Bernadette Corporation, Chloë Sevigny, the black block and the Hilton hotel

Remember when all the hip art students were suddenly carrying around french insurrectionist literature by the Invisible Committee and Tiqqun? One could guess it was over in 2010, after that Fox news commercial (insurrectionism became mainstream?), all we can say is, that on the surface only some ironic ripples were left online. Netartists on…

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FU̸̡͉̙SI⨀N 2015 rrreport

so let’s say, the extremes of the festival are: theatre, circus, fire shows, punk concerts on the one end, turmbühne, trance floor, bachstelzen on the other end. and that makes for a quite amazing weekend land behind those double barbed wire fences. our favorites are nevertheless tanzwüste as the rave territorium all the time, karl…

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