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5 years of shituationism. the annual birthday speech by dr0fn0thing.

…Shitty birthday to us, Shitty birthday to us… Let’s have a look at the presents first. This would not have been necessary, you are so nice to us! (picture cropped for obvious reasons): (from a humiliation thread for cybermasochists on an online forum) As you remember from previous shituationist shitty birthday speeches, they always had…

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Critique of Hedonist Situationism. Birthday speech for three years of Shituationism

Dear readers, To create situations was a dream of immediate social contact instead of alienated daily life. But the competition of isolated individuals means some feel free in their identity and others get lost in the process. To dissolve the identities into post-individual collectivity is not the only negation of these competitive processes. There also…

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