NOTHING TO HIDE: a film about surveillance and you

  “Nothing to Hide” is a film started by Marc in April 2015 with a journalist colleague of him, Mihaela. At that time They were working on different digital related issues (Marc for instance was focusing on the economical issues of Big Data, Mihaela more on privacy). They started attending more conferences (CPDP, re:publica, CCC..)…

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featured videos: We will fail – V2.06

This is one of the best music videos I discovered since years. I find few minutes to write about this new project I recently listened for the first time. We will Fail is a project of artist Alexandra Grunhölz. She debuted with two part album called Vestorung released on MonotypeRec. Music of We will Fail…

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Berlin Feminist Film Week 2016.

Short note: I was planning to make a short post yesterday concerning the Berlin Feminist Film week but it didnt work out.This year the festival is taking place from 8th to 14th of March 2016 in various venues around Berlin.  Keep an eye out for the program and find the stuff on facebook. Several good films…

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Interview with Bernd Volkert

Certainly one has also to be watchful with people calling themselves communist or anarchist and, to be on the safe side, always suppose that they do a lot of nonsense. However, to get back to the topic, communist literature always was better than left literature, so to say Goethe better than Grass. The interview was…

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