Acid House in the British National Archives

The London based blog History is Made At Night recently reported that the National Government archives of the UK released Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet files from 1989 and 1990, including discussions amongst Ministers and officials of how to clamp down on ‘Acid House’ parties: “A letter from the Home Secretary to Geoffrey Howe from 2 November…

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Opening night transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL

The shituationist institute is back to business apparently. Currently we are enjoining hanging out with friends, remaining hard in terms of alcohol drinking and visiting various cultural events around Berlin.. Well not as many as few years ago, but we are certainly still actively interested. Next week I already made a promise to a friend,…

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mobile kino at Hasenheide Neukolln Berlin

 Hasenheide is one of the several big parks of Berlin, rather famous for many self-organized techno openairs the last years in Neukolln. Unfortunately the last attempts of various persons to organize an open air in Hasenheide in our days was failed. Police doesn’t really tolerate those small doses  of non commercialized  happiness and free party…

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Athens: Wooden Mondays

You remember ofcourse the last party of the shituationist institute in Athens, a familly event in the city center featuring some of our local friends.Some of those friends keep organising the Wooden monday at Souel bar(Peristeri-Athens) for the second year now, probably the only electronic/techno event?? you can find in the city on Mondays. The event is…

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