fusion 2014 party refugees are seeking the holiday communism?

Fusion Festival 2014 is about to open its gates today, with thousands of people already there, seeking for a few days of escape from their everyday routine, be it studying, working or whatever. It has been announced that this year, a bigger fence will be raised, forbidding those without tickets from entering the festival grounds…

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Fusion Festival 2012 shituationist announcement and archive

We are probably one of the few blogs around  Europe, where you can find reports, reviews and articles concerning Fusion Festival the past years (since 2009 and the beginning of si-blog). The majority of the contributors of this blog have visited fusion festival more times than once. Fusion remains the favorite festival of the shituationist…

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fusion 2009 photos

here are some pics from our trip to the fusion festival 2009… turmbühne was pretty overcrowded with a rather unsympathic techno mob, but the tanzwiese was totally nice. it became the place to dance for us all these days 🙂 holiday-communism is what they call this festival… and thousands come for that… actually i heard…

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