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Anklepants tonight in Berlin.

Our Australian friend called Anklepants is djing and performing tonight in Berlin. Reecard Farché live @ Raum Ziegrastraße 15, 12057 Berlin, Germany. You can also read the new interview of anklepants at electronic beats as well as an older one on the shituationist blog here

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Grounded theory tonight in Berlin

Tonight is a great evening in Berlin that so many of you probably impatiently expected for days now. Some of the avant-garde artists of contemporary electronic music are playing together tonight for the next edition of Grounded theory in Berlin.Nina Kraviz,Delta Funktionen, Terence fixmer and Henning baer will blow our minds away for sure. Especially…

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tonight in Athens Bios (pireos 84) EMERGENT presents ROBERT HOOD[ M_PLANT/ UR- DETROIT]

Athens is facing one of the biggest crisis of its history.But even now, it seems that several collectives and individuals are putting efforts to keep going with good events and maintain a ” progressive music approach” , at least as we used to know it before the increased suffering of the society of the city.…

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party tonight in Tresor

If you dont have something better tonight , in Tresor will take place a rather interesting house event . To be honest Tresor  is not one of my favorite locations/destinations  but in any case it remains one of the popular clubs with a diversity of events and parties and it should be interesting to see…

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