Sexy Kapitalismus on air! Today at 17:00 CET on FRS 99.2

I’ve noticed today that many of the people who still visit the shituationist blog are looking for updates and podcasts of Sexy Kapitalismus, that radio show by people based in Stuttgart. In fact those who know me personally got to know this radio show in Laidak (that kneipe in Boddinstrasse in Berlin) during the morning…

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free downloads: Plemo feat. Torsun “Fuck Audiolith!”

The most of you , especially our friends from Berlin and Germany in general, I bet you know a label named “Audiolith”. Artists like Egotronic, Ira Atari, Saaschutz and many others are the dynamic of the audiolith.Antifasistic  lyrics, electropunk style, a genre still really popular in Germany. A rather progressive attitude and certainly radical content belongs to the strongly…

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VOID NETWORK  (Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts) INDIE FREE FESTIVAL no 19 . SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER 2009 AT STREFIS HILL EXARCHIA ATHENS GREECE LOFIS STREFI . STREFIS HILL EXARCHIA ATHENS GREECE INDIE FREE FESTIVAL no.19 2 stages for all underground cultures Starts 4:30 in the afternoon. LIVE STAGE: Misuse [post-rock] Rodes [freestyle] Vlastur [space dub] Bokomolech [indie rock]…

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