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Queer Atonality / Digital Feminism

check this: By queer atonality we mean the notion that queerness can be abstracted to mean deviation as such, aleatoriness as such, or openness as such, and thus, through such extreme abstraction, queerness may be assigned as a proper monicker for biological and even ontological systems. In other words, if biology is that thing that…

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photo report: Athens Pride 2015

Holding the tradition of the previous years, the shituationist institute is posting today few pictures from the annual Athens Pride, a major event in defence of LGBTQ rights in the city last Saturday June 13th 2015. Unfortunately this year no one of us was there for a full-filling the task of the complete report, therefore…

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photo report from Thessaloniki Pride

Thessaloniki  Pride held for one more year successfully. Many of our friends in the city seem to be impressed from event itself, because every years is getting bigger and bigger. Good vibes, electronic music sounds and stylish people on the streets  I am publishing few of the brilliant pictures as well as a brief report…

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